The Best Electronic Toothbrush for Life

You need the best electronic toothbrush for life. Good oral hygiene is paramount to overall health.

We all know it’s vital to brush your teeth for both tooth and gum health, morning and night, and to floss at least once every day. when you are using the Best Electronic Toothbrush, it makes the job easier, more efficient, and provides spectacular results.

Brushing your teeth using an electronic toothbrush is a daily dose of TLC. Using an electronic toothbrush is a surefire way to feel fresher, healthier, and more together.

Rid your mouth of plaque and bacteria. Dentists recommend using a good electric toothbrush twice a day for a minimum of two minutes.

Electric toothbrushes have been proven to sweep teeth and gums more effectively than manual toothbrushes. Electronic toothbrushes give you a cleaner mouth and even a whiter smile.

The Best Electronic Toothbrush for Life

Why Use an Electronic Toothbrush?

Rechargeable electric toothbrushes result in superior plaque removal and cleaner teeth over regular manual toothbrushes. Most people find using power toothbrushes easier than using regular manual ones. The power toothbrush does the work for you; the mechanical operation assures a thorough balanced cleaning and has a built-in timer to ensure that you are not over-brushing or under bushing.

Electronic toothbrushes are the best for cleaning teeth with braces. Using an electric toothbrush makes for longer, more thorough teeth brushing. The thorough cleaning of an electric toothbrush fights gingivitis, gum disease, and helps to get rid of bad breath.

Make using an electric toothbrush part of your daily healthy habits.

Bad Tooth Brushing Habits Tied to Higher Heart Risk

The Best Electronic Toothbrush for Life Improves Cardiac Health

The best electronic toothbrush for life is an essential part of your good oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene can lead to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and more.

Brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes may lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, a new study suggests.

Previous studies have found a link between heart disease and periodontal disease – a condition marked by gum infection, gum inflammation, and tooth damage … a person’s toothbrushing habits were associated with their risk of having or dying from a heart attack, heart failure, or stroke.

American Heart Association

What My Dentist Says

I was taken by surprise by my dental hygienist who remarks on how clean my teeth were and wanted to know my dental cleaning routine. I told her that I was using a Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. To which she said that she uses the same brush.

Key Points. The consensus recommendation is for people to brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day with a toothbrush that has soft bristles.

American Dental Association

Features You Need: Best Electronic Toothbrush for Life

1. All Sonicare toothbrushes have Smartimer Feature

The Philips Sonicare Smartimer gives you the best way to brush your teeth using the dentist-recommended brushing time. The primary timer is a two-minute timer, divided into 30-second interval quadrant brushing parts. This ensures that you are brushing all 4 areas of your teeth equally.

Best Electronic Toothbrush for Life

2. Battery Life

You get 2 weeks of hands-free use of my Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush. This comes in handy for business trips and vacations.

3. Value

The Sonicare DiamondClean uses high-quality pieces and smart technology to clean teeth effectively. After using this brush for a few weeks, your teeth feel significantly cleaner. It will promote better brushing habits, techniques, and health.

4. Premium Accessories

4.1 Stylish Glass Holder Doubles as a Charger

Simply place your toothbrush into the sleek glass holder, and it instantly starts charging.

4.2 Premium Brush Heads

Sonicare sells a variety of premium brush head with a variety of specialisations:

4.3 Travel Case

Sonic Care Electric toothbrushes come with an excellent travel case. These cases come with compartments for the toothbrush and 2 brush heads. The travel case also doubles as a charging station via a built-in micro USB port.

Do you Disce? iDisce!

Other Articles of Interest:

Toothbrushing FAQ

How often should you use electric toothbrush?

Dentists recommend using an electric toothbrush for 2 minutes twice a day.

What happens if you don’t brush your teeth?

When you do not brush your teeth, you allow bacteria in your mouth to release acids that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Over time, plaque build-up will harden into calculus (tartar) which you cannot remove by brushing. This leads to cavities and tooth decay.

Can poor oral health lead to dementia?

Yes, tooth loss is associated with an increased risk of dementia. NHS has published this finding in the article titled ‘Tooth loss link to increased risk of dementia’.

Can poor oral health lead to diabetes?

Any Inflammation in the mouth weakens the body’s ability to control blood sugar.

Can poor oral health lead to heart disease?

Plaque can break off the wall of the blood vessel and it can travel to the heart or brain, which may cause a heart attack or stroke.

Can poor oral health lead to a stroke?

Plaque can break off the wall of the blood vessel and it can travel to the heart or brain, which may cause a heart attack or stroke.

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